Amy Oliver 12/21 Hr 2 – Bruce Klingner of Heritage Foundation’s Asian Study Center on Kim Jong Il’s Death and Foreign Policy in Asia and Ben Degrou of the Independence Institute on Teachers’ Unions.

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On Wednesday, December 21, Jimmy Sengenberger filled in for Amy Oliver on 1310 KFKA’s The Amy Oliver Show.

If you are interested in the North Korea shakeup, you will not want to miss Hour Two of the show.  In a must-hear interview, the Heritage Foundation’s Bruce Klingner, Senior Research Fellow for Northeast Asia at The Asian Studies Center, explains the implications of the death of Kim Jong-il and what it means for the United States, Korea, and the world.

Then, Jimmy discusses Colorado teachers unions’ receipt of $5.8 million of taxpayer money with the Independence Institute’s Ben DeGrow and explores the question of just how much power the teachers unions have in Colorado.  It’s an informative and enlightening discussion!

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