Seng Center 2/18 – IRS plane strike, Sen. Michael Bennet’s visit home with Obama, stimulus package anniversary

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The entire hour of the January 21 shortened edition of the Seng Center online radio program.  In this week’s show, host Jimmy Sengenberger prophesies the left-wing media’s inevitable reaction (proven right!) to the tragic IRS airplane terrorist attack.

Then, in a highly-praised Pink Panther Moment, Jimmy lambasts the ironic hilarity of President Obama’s praise for Senator Michael Bennet being a “Washington Outsider” while visiting the state this week on behalf of the embattled senator.

We also poke at the way CPAC conservatives are trying to appeal to younger attendees and mark the one-year anniversary of the passing of the porkulous stimulus package by explaining the silliness of claims that the stimulus “worked.”

Podcast Here

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